The Neighborhood


The Neighborhood is filled with great people and great houses. We’ve been lucky to visit with some of our awesome neighbors to learn a little more about them and the places they call home!


May 2015 Flipped Leaf

Aaron + Daniel Irving: Forbes Street/ Riverside
Our May visit brought us to a home on Forbes Street owned by Aaron + Daniel Irving. A white picket fence surrounds the 1920s bungalow in an area known as New Riverside. Read more >>


April 2015 Flipped Leaf

Ed + Joy Walker: St. John’s Avenue/ Avondale
It was only two blocks until we arrived to our April visit in The Neighborhood. We were greeted by homeowners Ed + Joy Walker. Their home sits tucked away off St. John’s Avenue, beneath centuries-old live oaks, draped in moss. Read more >>

March 2015 Flipped Leaf

Christine Mayberry: Herschel Street/ Riverside
March brought us to an area known as Riverside Heights in Avondale. Christine Mayberry (along with pups Violet and Scooter) welcomed us to her historic Herschel Street home for a visit in The Neighborhood. Read more >>

February 2015 Flipped Leaf

Kendall Ryan Barsin: College Street/ Riverside
Wait until you meet Kendall Ryan Barsin and her pad in the historic John Gorrie condominiums. In our February visit, get schooled by this “Gorrie Girl” on why the Riverside Avondale neighborhood is the best place to live! Read more >>

January 2015 Flipped Leaf

Tempest Arant: James Street/ Riverside
If you’re thinking someone with the name “Tempest” must have a pretty cool home, you’re right! Meet Tempest Arant in our January visit in the The Neighborhood. Read more >>

SEPTEMBER 2013 Flipped Leaf

The Coles Adam + Nicole Cole: Dellwood Avenue/ Riverside
We know you’ll fall in love with this Riverside couple. Read more about Nicole + Adam Cole’s Riverside bungalow in our September visit in The Neighborhood. Read more >>

AUGUST 2013 Flipped Leaf

Hamilton-Cherry Susan Hamilton: Aberdeen Street/ Avondale
Susan Hamilton, a dear friend and neighbor, welcomed The Boys from Cherry Street to see her charming Avondale bungalow in Jacksonville, Florida. Read more >>


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