The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

Aaron + Daniel Irving: Riverside: Jacksonville, Florida

Year built: 1922
Size: 1,714 ft²
Homeowners since: June 2012

Our May visit brought us to a home on Forbes Street owned by Aaron + Daniel Irving. A white picket fence surrounds the 1920s bungalow in an area known as New Riverside.

The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

Aaron + Daniel moved into their home during the short sale process. Even without owning the home, they began making improvements including a landscaping overhaul. It was their 20th home that they looked at during their search + 7th that involved an intense bidding war.

The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

Aaron + Daniel both agree that their favorite room in the house is their walk-in closet (which was originally a bedroom). Doesn’t it look like a great place to get ready in the mornings!?

TBFCS: What makes this neighborhood appealing to the LGBT community?
D+A: Riverside + Avondale are full of free-thinkers. You would think that the old + wealthy families would be stuffy, but it’s the opposite. The neighborhood is dynamic + accepting.

Aaron is a partner of the Riverside firm, Integrity Law + Daniel works at Rockstar Salon in Orange Park.

TBFCS: Aaron, what are the benefits of owning a business in the neighborhood?
Aaron: It gives a stronger sense of community. There are only three large LGBT law firms in Jacksonville. Our firm represents many from the historic districts.

Integrity Law is located in the historic Renaissance at Riverside building.


TBFCS: Do you see yourself in the area long-term?
Aaron: This may not be our forever home, but it is our forever neighborhood.
Daniel: We need more room. I would love to move into a two-story home. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. I’ve always seen a two-story home as a symbol that you’ve “made it” in life.

The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

TBFCS: We saw you on the Spring Tour of Homes. What was your favorite stop?
D+A: The three story, new construction with the rooftop.

Aaron + Tyler grew up together in Leesburg, Florida.

TBFCS: How would you describe the neighborhood?
 Well Tyler would know, I would compare it to Palmora Park back home. It’s an area that gives you a strong sense of community.

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TBFCS: What are your favorite events that happen in the neighborhood?
D+A: Pride, Riverside Arts Market, Luminaria, Home Tour + Christmas in Avondale.

TBFCS: Where would we find you in the neighborhood?
D+A: Our go-tos are Lola’s, SNAP fitness or shooting pool at Park Place. We sometimes we get away to

The Neighborhood: Aaron + Daniel Irving

Historical Information:
This house is typical of the bungalow style as it developed in the 1910s + 1920s. The most characteristic elements of this type are the massive pillars, front facing gable + use of exposed rafters with eave brackets. This is the most common bungalow found in Riverside Annex. This house was built by V. Roy Kooken in 1922 + occupied by G.W. Latimer, a marine engineer.

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Many thanks to the Daniel + Aaron for opening their home to a visit in The Neighborhood.

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