Floating Memories upon the St. John’s River

Jacksonville Memorial Light Festival

This Memorial Day, Jacksonville residents gathered in a local Avondale park for an evening to remember loved ones who have passed while serving in the armed forces.

The second annual Jacksonville Memorial Light Festival invited participants to create colorful paper lanterns which were decorated to include memories and names. Lanterns were floated upon the water of Willow Branch Creek.

Jacksonville Memorial Light Festival

Event organizers Keith Marks and Amy Moore

Amy Moore, event organizer, was inspired to create the event after a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Festival in August of 2007. After her visit, Moore wanted to share her experience with the rest of Jacksonville. “We have such a culture around our river. I wanted to bring the peaceful recognition I experienced in Hiroshima to blend with our American recognition.” Moore’s first cousin passed a few years ago, while serving in Afghanistan. “He’s the one I remember,” Moore said.

For more pictures from the second annual Jacksonville Memorial Light Festival, visit our album on Facebook.

ACTION NEEDED: your access to the St. John’s River could be in jeopardy. Read more from Carmen Godwin, Executive Director of the Riverside Avondale Preservation society.