The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

Christine Mayberry: Avondale: Jacksonville, Florida

Year built: 1914
Size: 2297 ft²
Homeowner since: February 2012

March brought us to an area known as Riverside Heights in Avondale, steps away from Boone Park. Christine Mayberry (along with pups Violet and Scooter) welcomed us to this historic Herschel Street home for a visit in The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

TBFCS: How did you find this gem?
Christine: I was living in Australia when I saw this house on the market. I didn’t think it would be available when I got back.

TBFCS: What’s happening upstairs?
Christine: The house was turned into a duplex in 1975. I’ve thought about converting it back to a single family home, but the rental income is great. I’ve also had great tenants, including my brother who lived upstairs for a year.

It’s evident that Christine isn’t afraid of bold colors. Artwork hangs on each wall of her downstairs home and pours into her backyard. The majority of artwork is from her time living in Alice Springs, Australia. Christine also has multiple pieces from local artist, Megan Welch.

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

TBFCS: Where do you find your design inspiration?
Christine: I don’t look to magazines for inspiration. I just find what makes me happy.

TBFCS: Why an older home?
Christine: I’m anti-subdivision; So many are popping up and taking down trees. There’s something about an older home with charm and character that you can’t find in those neighborhoods. Like this mantle, for example; It’s 101 years old and it’s meant to look that way.

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

Christine has a green thumb. Her porch gives her away with the collection of succulents. We were floored to hear that the jade plant on her front porch was nine years old and has a babysitter while she’s gone on long trips.

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

TBFCS: Which room do you find yourself in most?
Christine: The den. It’s where I watch TV, take naps and do paper work. I don’t feel the TV should be in the main living room.

The Neighborhood: Christine Mayberry

Christine, a Jacksonville native, fell in love with the neighborhood when she was 8 years old. As a little girl, she dreamt of riding her bike in a neighborhood much like the one she lives in now.

TBFCS: Why the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood?
KRB: It holds my forever home. Everything is here that needs to be here. There’s a great mix of diversity: straight and gay, conservative and liberal and old and young.

TBFCS: Where are your stops in the neighborhood?
KRB: Mossfire, Rooftop of Black Sheep, Riverside Arts Market and the Shoppes of Avondale.

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