The Neighborhood: Kendall Ryan Barsin


Kendall Ryan Barsin: Riverside: Jacksonville, Florida

Year built: 1923
Size: 930 ft²
Homeowner since: May 2014

February is a month for love and we fell head-over-heels with this month’s featured home. Our good friend Kendall Ryan Barsin (also known as the Gorrie Girl) gave us our first look at multi-family living for The Neighborhood.


TBFCS: Alright Kendall, why condo living?
KRB: It was a difficult decision. I looked at a lot of single-family homes in the area but after I saw this unit, it was game over. It completely fit my lifestyle.

Named after the father of air conditioning, this once Junior High School is now home to 68 condominiums ranging from 800 to 1,800 square feet. The John Gorrie High School, which was officially closed in 1997, was purchased by Delores Barr Weaver in February of 2009. After her meticulous restoration + renovation efforts, this piece of Jacksonville history re-opened its’ doors to homeowners in 2011.


TBFCS: What made your unit stand out?
KRB: All of the units in The John Gorrie have beautiful, open floor plans. My unit is one of only four that open up to the inner courtyard. Also, my condo was the first resale in the building + I was left with great fixtures. I’m very thankful for my family who provided the opportunity to live in this building.

And just like an HGTV show, Kendall has a handsome handyman who has helped her on a few DIY projects. One of our favorites was this old IKEA media stand which they transformed by closing-in the back with old wooden pallets.


TBFCS: Favorite feature?
KRB: I was lucky that the previous homeowners left great features with the unit, but I would say the bathroom shelves. I would have never envisioned them in that space.


Additional to the the uniqueness of each unit, The John Gorrie offers a private event space featuring cabinets from the original chemistry room, two-story town homes with original gymnasium floors and a quiet reading area with WiFi (originally the principal’s office).

Kendall, who moved to Jacksonville in 2001, became a Riverside resident in 2010, before her move into The John Gorrie.

TBFCS: Why the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood?
KRB: I love how everyone is just around the corner. I’ve lived in multiple places around Jacksonville but this area gives a real sense of community.


TBFCS: We see some pretty sweet wheels over there. What stops would you recommend to people biking in the area?
KRB: Memorial Park, Corner Bakery/ Fresh Market and Sweet Pete’s

Click here for more pictures from the visit.

TBFCS: Where would we most likely find you in the neighborhood?
KRB: Mellow Mushroom, Brew 5 Points, + The Garage


Many thanks to Kendall for opening her home (and the champagne) to The Neighborhood. If you enjoyed this post, check out more of our visits in The Neighborhood and sign up to receive our Neighborhood News!

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