The City of Lights: Paris Top Ten


Favorites from our adventures in the City of Lights.

Châteaux de Vaux le Vicomte

Alright, yes, we are starting the list with a place that is just a touch outside Paris. Spending ten days in Paris gives you a little wiggle room for side trips. Châteaux de Vaux le Vicomte was one of our day trips + ended up being Julius’ favorite adventure.



There is amazing food around every corner, but plan in advance: reservations are often required. Pre-trip, we had a general idea of where we would be in each arrondissement, relative to our restaurant picks. We received a ton of recommendations from friends (thanks guys) + spent time researching local favorites. An additional resource we used was Paris by Mouth. Our favorite stops were Le Timbre (dinner), Le Relais de l’Entrecôte (dinner), Carette Paris (breakfast), Le Grand Cordona (breakfast), Café la Fusée (lunch), + Eric Kayser for macaroons.

Monet’s Water Lillies

Paris has plenty of museums. The Louvre is great, don’t get us wrong, but the smaller galleries in lesser known museums are extra special treats. The impressionist gallery in the Musée de l’Orangerie is a perfect example. Monet’s Water Lillies galleries (no photographs allowed) are life altering experiences.

Le Passages Couvert

Talk about Parisian! These 18th-century, glass-roofed, walkways make the perfect escape from busy streets. You’ll find amazing boutique shops + small cafes to duck into along the way.

Shakespeare Book Company

The Shakespeare Book Company is world famous. The company is made of two storefronts on the Left Bank; one houses early/first editions of popular books while the other shelves more recent (+ more affordable) literary pieces. If you’re a book nerd, spend some time in the reading library upstairs + say “hello” to “Kitty”.

Queen’s Hamlet at Versailles

When you hear people say that you walk a lot in Paris… it’s no joke. Versailles is a perfect example, falling just short of 2,015 acres. Once on the property, the Queen’s Hamlet is about a 20 minute walk but worth every step!

Père Lachaise Cemetery

You must visit Paris in every season + we’re glad we started with Winter. It was especially magical walking through the Père Lachaise Cemetery under barren trees and moss-lined graves.

Lock Bridges

If you don’t bring your own lock, like we did, you can buy one onsite. The antique lock was gifted to us + almost too pretty to say “goodbye”. Solution: before we left, we pressed the lock + key into clay for a keepsake.

American Cathedral

Sunday morning we visited the gathering place for all Episcopal Churches in Europe: the American Cathedral. Before we walked in, we were greeted with a tiny snow flurry on the church’s doorstep. With only a small group for the early service, we sat in the choir loft.

We could have easily made this list the “Top 20” + if you’re looking for more suggestions for the trip, our FB photo gallery is a great place to pick out more spots. We’re happy to answer any questions you leave in the comment section below! Happy adventures!