The Neighborhood: Tempest Arant


Tempest Arant : Riverside : Jacksonville, Florida

Year built: 1926
Size: 1,291 ft²
Homeowner since: March 2012

Our January visit for The Neighborhood brought us to James Street in the area known as “New Riverside”. Tempest Arant, the owner of this adorable home, was there to welcome us at the happiest blue door you’ll ever see.

TBFCS: What is the style of your home?
TA: Vernacular bungalow
TBFCS: Vernacular?
TA: It’s a bungalow where the architects took inspiration from homes already in the neighborhood.

It’s obvious Tempest enjoys her travels; International inspiration can be found throughout the bungalow. Her destinations have included London, Prague, Holland, Paris + Switzerland (only naming a few).


TA: I’d like to think of my style as Southern meets English… classic furniture with bright colors. I find inspiration with my travels (pointing to a tapestry from Istanbul).

TBFCS: How often do you travel?
TA: Culture affects me. I plan at least one international trip each year. I also try to travel to London annually. My mother is half English + it feels like I am going home.


Even Tempest’s food finds the perfect combination between Southern + English. Her version “of when a scone + biscuit have a love child” were waiting for us when we arrived. Says Tempest, “I did a lot of soul-searching for the kitchen renovations.”

TBFCS: What’s the first thing you miss while abroad?
TA: Reading in my bed or bathtub. Jacksonville is home + I always want to come back.

TBFCS: What room do you find yourself in most?
TA: In the library, it has the most comfortable couch!


Tempest has been collecting books since she was 14 . She told us that each book in her library has been read cover to cover. Books also inspire her design. Tempest often revisits novels’ furniture descriptions. Says Tempest, “I believe that’s where my blue couch came from”, remembering a book from the shelves.


TBFCS: Why the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood?
TA: I’ve been coming to Riverside since high school, I always knew that I would purchase a home here. The neighborhood is so walkable. I feel as if I’ve walked every inch of the neighborhood with Carnaby.

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TBFCS: What made you fall in love with an older home?
TA: I bought this house without AC + went through two summers without it. Luckily, I’m like a lizard + I am always cold. But, you know, there’s something about older homes that can’t come standard in new homes.

TBFCS: Neighborhood favorites?
TA: Black Sheep, BARK and Southern Crossing

Tempest also serves on the board for the Riverside Avondale Preservation society. She, along with Heather Bailey + Tyler Morris, recently started the organization’s young professional’s group: “The Revivals”.

Heather, Tyler, Tempest


TA: The Revivals give our young professionals a real anchor to their community through socials, volunteerism,  + much more. Not to mention it is a blast meeting all these amazing folks that live in the neighborhood!

The Revivals serve as a liaison, connecting young professionals (21-40) in the Riverside Avondale neighborhoods to the community – encouraging involvement + membership in RAP and progressively nurturing the arts, culture, and history of the area. Check out The Revivals’ next social.

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