Picnic in the Park

Our recent adventure led us only a few blocks from our home into beautiful Willow Branch Park. On Sunday, we decided to host our weekly Family Dinner at Picnic in the Park Jax and. The evening left us amazed, yet again, by our tremendous community.

Picnic in the Park Jax

Picnic in the Park Jax is a casual gathering at a rotating Riverside/ Avondale park. Held on the first Sunday of the month, the event brings together neighbors, family, friends and strangers for dinner and good company. The gatherings are solely to enjoy the company of friends and new faces. There is no fundraising business solicitation, or ulterior motives.

Heather Bailey, community creator, on the origins of her event: “Picnic in the Park Jax started 4 months ago when a friend was visiting from out of town. I had about 24 hours to show her all the things about Jacksonville that I loved, which culminated in a picnic that brought some of my nearest and dearest in one place. Seeing my little circle of people come together as a community made me realize I wanted to continue to have a monthly picnic, and thus the Facebook page was born.”

Picnic in the Park Jax

It’s About Community

Says Bailey, “It’s about community, it’s about showing off Jacksonville’s fantastic park system (the largest in the US), it’s about showing children how important it is to come together, it’s about sharing, and it’s about getting back to knowing your neighbors and celebrating life. Nothing fills my heart more than seeing a bunch of overlapping picnic blankets and people sharing food and stories.”

“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” – Kurt Vonnegut 

 More pictures from Picnic in the Park: Willow Branch

What To Bring

  1. Food: Picnickers brought leftovers, culinary creations, pre-prepared meals or ordered from Dig Foods. The options are endless and a picnic setting is perfect for communal dining.
  2. Ground cover: Pack a blanket, towel, sheet or chair to avoid grass stains on your heiney. Add an extra blanket to the mix as we move into our “chilly” Florida evenings.
  3. Activities: Even though we count conversation as the #1 activity, others had croquet sets, frisbees, lighted hula hoops and more!
  4. Company: A familiar face is an easy invite; Challenge yourself by inviting someone that might not be on your speed dial.

Upcoming Picnic

The next Picnic in the Park  will be held at a Stinson Park which boasts our favorite view of Jacksonville.

Location: Stinson Park
Address: 4050 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210
Date: Sunday, November 2nd
Time: 5:30PM- until?

Step out, meet new people, and enjoy our community. Find Picnic in the Park Jax on Facebook. We’ll see you next month!