2014 Home Tour Recap + People’s Choice

The Riverside Avondale Preservation Society’s Spring Home Tour is an event we look forward to every year. This year marked our second year for brunch and bike with family and friends and the 40th year for the Riverside Avondale Presevation Society. The tour had 14 13 houses from the Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods.

Best Layout

RAP Tour: 1835 Seminole Road

How can you say “no” to a sleeping porch overlooking the St. John’s River? This home, built in 1904, was obviously one of the largest at a whopping 5,000+ square feet. From entry to exit, the house had flow that moved you through with ease. Each room filled a need which was obviously put to good use. Even the pool served a purpose; we’re guessing a swimmer had a hand in its design. Check out 1835 Seminole Road in our pictures from the Tour.

Best “Old Jacksonville” Charm

RAP Tour: 2967 Riverside Avenue

No lie, we’ve been itching to get into this house for quite some time. There’s something to be said about curb appeal that can lure you in from the street. And once inside, 2967 Riverside Avenue didn’t disappoint. The bay windowed stairway, gorgeous. The light fixtures, show stoppers. Fabrics and accents were warm and welcoming; all excellent choices in design elegance. Pictures from the Tour.

Best Use Of Space

RAP Tour: 1880 Edgewood Avenue

Hands down, no questions asked, 1880 Edgewood Avenue rocks our socks. If you missed this one on the tour, you missed out. Let’s just start by saying the powder room had a metallic paint and the master bath had a horse head. Yes, it may sound weird but just wait until you see the pictures. Only one brilliant mind can be behind such a unique floor-to-finishes aesthetic: Ms. Nicole Anne Cole, owner of last year’s Design Star award. Before you visit our photo album of this home, you MUST see the before pictures. Now take a look at our pictures from the Tour.

Design Star(s)

RAP Tour: 1822 Edgewood Avenue

It takes a village to fill a 7000+ square foot home and this village was filled with talented designers. Design stars to all that helped to transform 1822 Edgewood Avenue. Now, we have to say, the doors into the Master Bedroom (originally at the front entry) were the historical wow factor. This home was also the host site for the 1st Annual Home Tour Preview Party. Pictures from the Tour.

Most Like A Museum

RAP Tour: 1850 Seminole Road

When you have paintings from the 1600’s you can’t help but fall into the pool of candidates for “Most Like a Museum”. 1850 Seminole Road featured plenty of Dutch paintings and European inspirations. The home even had a Wall of Presidents which featured well-wishes from the one and only, George Dubya. Two of our favorite things: view of downtown Jacksonville and the floral arrangement by Glenn Certain Studios. Pinkies up then pictures from the Tour.

Most Memorable

RAP Tour: 2821 Riverside Avenue

Our selection for “Most Memorable” is given to Mr. Wayne Wood of 2821 Riverside Avenue. His collections are eclectic, to say the least. Each item has a story… from vintage medicine bottles saved because of their beautifully designed labels to saved Seminole Indian heads from the Klutho designed Seminole Hotel (demolished in 1974). Read more about the lost hotels of Jacksonville. Plus, how can you forget stepping into a front yard tipi? Mr. Wood is also the founder of RAP and residential alert to the arrival of chimney swifts! Pictures from the Tour.

Other Homes on the Tour

1345 Avondale Avenue
2057 Ernest Street
2922 Forbes Street
1200 McDuff Avenue
3305 Oak Street
2165 Park Street
3741 + 3749 Riverside Avenue

People’s Choice Award

Your turn! Decide the 2014 RAP Spring Tour of Home’s People’s Choice Award. Make your selection below and tell us about your decision in our comments section below!

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Congrats again to the Riverside Avondale Preservation Society for another successful and beautiful tour!