Old Books + Old Friends

We discovered that our church was giving away old books from their library. Happily, we volunteered to give these literary retirees a permanent home. Upstairs, in Worsham Hall*, we dove through stacks of books that were waiting for new families.

Old Books

Old books that have ceased to be of service should no more be abandoned than should old friends who have ceased to give pleasure.
-Bernard Baruch


The books proudly wore their battle scars from loving use, but there was more to be found. Tucked away in the dog-eared pages + worn book bindings, were many great treasures that we soon discovered.

Here are the literary nomads that we brought home:

Savannah published 1983
Call it Courage published 1957
Millais: Masterpieces in Colour published 1908
Titian: Masterpieces in Colour published 1908
Turner: Masterpieces in Colour published 1908
Flowers for Algernon published in 1966
Personal Religion and The Life of Fellowship published in 1926
The Happy Holisters published in 1953
How to Know the Bible published in 1918
Twelve Greatest Miracles of My Ministry published in 1974
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions published in 1979
Wuthering Heights published in 1947
The Swiss Family Robinson published 1947
Christmas Stories published 1940
The Alaskan Mission of the Episcopal Church published 1920
Mere Christianity published 1969
The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side published 1962
Gainsborough: Masterpieces in Colour published 1909
Our National Parks published 1985
The Great Explores published 1979


Call it Courage won the Newbery Medal of Excellence for American children’s literature in 1941



The Happy Hollisters is a series of books about a family who likes to solve mysteries. Wonder if they could help find out why this picture of a gravestone was used as a bookmark?


“Sally, Our greatest triumph is the victory over ourselves.”





Once we install the built in, these little guys will the be the first to be added. Do you still enjoy a bound book? Perhaps you prefer the convenience of a digital library? Regardless of how you read, don’t stop.

You cannot open a book without learning something. – Confucius

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