It’s not always a bowl of cherries

Don’t be fooled; It’s not always a bowl of cherries on our street. And our recent irrigation meltdown is the perfect example. Road waterfalls, wall removal, men crawling under our home… we have it all.


As residents of Avondale + Riverside know, we’re in the throes of a major water restoration project. For us, it seems that the project has taken a convenient halt at the end of our street. To add to the chaotic bliss, we were randomly selected as a sample water point (aka… our yard has a crater).


But wait, there’s more.

Heads up: bubbling paint is not a good sign. After seeing a few spots in our foyer, we opened up our wall + low and behold… a 1920s cast iron pipe decided it was its day to quit. Go on cast iron pipe, you take that retirement. You’ve worked hard bud. While you’re away, we’re happy to replace our entire foyer wall. Don’t worry, this one is on us.

RIP Wall

Let’s be honest; I might have fought back tears. Watching all of that craftsman woodwork get ripped apart was borderline blasphemous. But, we know, it had to be done. In the meantime, while we wait for the water damage contractor to finish his work, we are left with this:

The Damage

We’ll dry our tears + not with this contraption (for fear of losing our face). Here’s to a much dryer home in the near future!

Have any advice or “heads-ups” on the restoration step? Tell us!