Weekend Backyard Overhaul

We have a lot of green space on Cherry Street… it’s a love hate relationship. It seems every five minutes there’s a new vine making it’s way up the side of the house… or trying to eat the random visitor.


Luckily, we made it through this weekend’s backyard overhaul without having to involve Robin Williams.

For plant selection, we checked out Hall’s Nurseries & Ace Hardware, a new location recommended by our friends Aerien and Patrick. With a great selection and A+ customer service, this nursery moves to the top of our list. Our choices were simple, but fragrantly dramatic: Drift roses, August’s Beauty gardenias & ornamental grasses.

Gardenias Drift-Roses

… and here’s the before and after:



Want to see more pictures of our backyard process? Check ’em out here.

Remember to take it one project at a time and don’t forget to stop and smell the drift roses!