The Engagement Story


Friday (5/31): A year at Cherry Street. Julius made plans for dinner at Restaurant Orsay to commemorate the day we closed. However, he didn’t know that there were plans for a special weekend after we finished dessert.

After a great meal, we headed home. Before we could get in the house, I told Julius that I left my phone at the restaurant and asked if he minded riding back with me to get it. He knew something was up when, instead of taking a left (towards the restaurant), we took a right. First two questions:

“Where are we going?”, “How much does it cost?”

Our suitcases were packed and the car was pointed to Fernandina Beach?… Amelia Island?… Savannah? (all guesses from Julius as we drove up i95). He only knew it was Savannah after I admitted that I had forgotten which exit to take.

We arrived at the Westin in Savannah around 10:30 p.m., unpacked bags (took inventory for things that I might have missed) and settled in for the evening.

Why Savannah? This historic City was our first trip together in 2009. Pictures Here

Saturday (6/1): The morning started with a ferry ride from the Westin to Huey’s; a restaurant on the riverfront with world famous beignets. We filled the day with stops to The Paris Market, Savannah Bee Company & Chocolat


The Paris Market & Brocante in Savannah, Georgia


The Savannah Bee Company in Savannah, Georgia: Don’t miss the honey bar!


Truffles galore at Chocolat by Adam Turoni in Savannah, Georgia

Dinner “began” at 5:45 so we began our journey back to the Westin. Showered and dressed it was back over the river for us, with a small stop before we ate. Julius was unaware that Tiffany Manning (and fiance Ron Hubbard) were patiently waiting for a big surprise.

My sister, Lashlee, knew I was sweating bullets and sent a text of liquid encouragement…. apparently her tea knew what was about to happen.

Liquid Encouragement

We walked up Bull Street which connects the river to Forsyth Park. The street passes through five squares before the park. I know this because at the fourth, Julius asked if I was going to propose. Luckily, I had my poker face on.

At square number five, Monterey Square, I sent a quick text message to Tiffany that we were almost there. She & Ron had helped out before our arrival by sketching “Will You Marry Me?” on the path.

Tiffany Text Message

Walking into the park I was nervous. I think Julius would have walked right up to the fountain if I hadn’t slowed him down a bit by the hand. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw the question. I could see him connecting it to the sketch of two cherries and that’s when I went down on one knee.

I couldn’t tell you much of what I said afterwards. All I remember was Julius smile and his eyes. My senses had gone into a tunnel. When he said “yes” a crowd of girls (who had asked Tiffany if they could watch) started cheering. The ring didn’t quite fit, but Julius and I laughed; there always seems to be something that adds a bit of humor.


I won’t ever forget how happy he looked.

Our surprise guests popped from behind the trees to capture more moments. I can’t begin to tell you how special Tiffany made that moment by capturing it. Simply said: her talent is unmatched. Her photographs bottled up the setting, the story and the emotion… it will allow us to revisit that day forever.


We had dinner (obviously not the original 5:45 “reservation) at The Olde Pink House. Dinner was delicious (and private). By making reservations in advance, I was able to reserve the old bank vault attached to the lower cellar. The only company we had was our waiter and the occasional bartender finding a bottle of wine. It was a romantic end to a special day.


Sunday (6/2): We woke up with smiles on our faces and I said the obligatory “good morning” using the word “fiance” and after we were ready, it was off to Huey’s for more beignets… yes they are that good. We reminisced on all the things that had happened since our last trip to Savannah. Then, with smiles and full stomachs, we left the restaurant for a stroll to the park.

It was great to sit on the park bench and reflect on the day before, while watching people’s reactions to the cherries and chalk. A couple, recently married that morning, stopped to take a picture. And as we were leaving, a guy from a group behind us said, “I get the ‘Will You Marry Me Part?’, but not the cherries”. It was fun to explain to them the reason and see their response.

We’re very excited for the next chapter and are so thankful for all of the love from our family & friends. Here’s to the adventure!

Visit Luv Tif Wedding Photography’s Facebook Page for more pictures of the proposal.