2013 Home Tour Recap + People’s Choice

Our hats go off to the Riverside Avondale Preservation Society and their 39th Annual Spring Tour of Homes. This year’s tour is over and the results are in: We’ve decided our winners for the 39th Annual Home Tour.

Best Layout: 3404 St Johns Avenue
RAP Home Tour: 3404 St Johns
We made this category for the home with the best flow. This two-story home + basement had a great setup. Each room (and floor) connected very well. A few other home favorites were the room off of the stairway landing and amazing rugs in the master.  [Our Pictures of the Home HERE].

Best “Old Jacksonville” Charm: 1534 Avondale Avenue
RAP Home Tour: 1534 Avondale
When we walked into 1534, we couldn’t fight being transported to the beginnings of Avondale. We felt warmly at home, but also a part of history (similar to the chill bumps you get when walking into an old European cathedral). This 1926 Mediterranean Revival, begged for exploration to find all of its hidden treasures. We were able to speak to the homeowner, Curt Bachmann, who we found tidying up. He shared the history of his home and the time he and his wife, Gail, spent renovating their “food-show-worthy” kitchen. This kitchen was a room that you could find yourself every evening with a glass of wine and good company. Continuing the tour, we were wowed by the cypress ceilings and renovated garage. We were happy to this year’s home tour with our pick for Best “Old Jacksonville” Charm. [Our Pictures of the Home HERE].

Best Use of Space: 3577 Boone Park
RAP Home Tour: 3577 Boone Park
The residents of Boone Park know how to pack a punch. With clean and calculated choices, the owners of this Tudor Revival, enhanced their home’s architectural interest by minimally adding stunning accents. [Our Pictures of the Home HERE]

Design Star: 2515 Dellwood Avenue
RAP Home Tour: 2515 Dellwood
The homeowner engineer/artist duo at Dellwood left us with “oohs” and “ahs”. The attention to design was apparent everywhere you looked (down to choices for lightbulbs). The homeowners didn’t hide their lives by overly tidying the space. Design should be functional, practical and personal and for this reason Dellwood is our choice for 2013 Design Star. Nicole Cole, the artist of the Dellwood duo is owner of Vestige, featured in the Cork Arts District. You can visit her site HERE. [Our Pictures of the Home HERE].

Most Like a Museum: 3420 St Johns Avenue
RAP Home Tour: 3420 St Johns
After putting on the booties, we were half expecting armed guard with ear pieces to take us on the tour of this home. Three things that will keep us talking (other than the forced shoe apparel): the Tibetan columns, the Great Gatsby Florida room, and great use of crystal for the liquor on the buffet. [Our Pictures of the Home HERE].

Most Memorable: 2120 Oak Street
RAP Home Tour: 2120 Oak
2120 Oak was this year’s Art House. The person that made this house special was Pearl Liebowitz. Her father, began New York Bakery which later became Worman’s Bakery (now closed in Downtown Jacksonville). The art was great, but Ms. Liebowitz’s narration of Jacksonville history made this home our choice for Most Memorable. [Our Pictures of the Home HERE].

See all of our pictures from the tour HERE.

2013 People’s Choice:

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