Our Backyard

Our backyard is unique and comes with a rich history. Two families up the line of homeowners, Robert & Victoria Freeman, were lovingly detailed in their plans for “le jardin”. Their blueprint was even featured in a magazine! Coincidentally, the Freemans still live on Cherry Street and manage the “House on Cherry“, a gorgeous bed and breakfast. One of our fondest “welcome to the neighborhood” gifts was from Victoria: her garden almanac that she had saved from her time at 1816.

Unfortunately, with the amount of time the house sat on the market and minimal upkeep from the previous owners (who were not living in Jacksonville), the yard evolved into a jungle.

Take the full video tour of our yard before landscaping.

In a spontaneous decision for a weekend project, we tackled the overgrowth in the backyard. Maybe we’re gluttons for punishment? Trees were cut down or trimmed, masses of wedeliawere wheelbarrowed to the street and slowly but surely, we saw the bones of beauty that once was “le jardin”.